吉本 由美
Yoshimoto Yumi

パフォーマンスグループ flowers 主宰。自ら踊るダンスを軸に、演出・振付けの活動を行っている。

Dancer / Choreographer, Producer of a performance group “flowers"
She has been directing and choreographing performances and her dance performance is always centered in her creation.
Stages for her performance are not limited to established theaters, but expand to various sites such as dockyard, museum, hair salon, photo studio and embassy.
She is attracted by the site and creates works on it.

Series of her works are about her experience and premonition of ’the structure of whole universe’.
Her desire ‘to discover the structure of whole universe’ stays in her since her childhood and it is her approach to her works.
Her series of ’the structure of whole universe’ have been created through different perspective in each time.
Her humanistic, beautiful, strong yet sensitive works have been attracting large number of audiences.